Henry Purcell

  • Theatre Music: Dioclesian, The Gornian Knot Untied, Abdelazer, The Fairy Queen and others
  • Trio Sonatas


Von Wassenaer (‘Pergolesi’)

  • 6 Concerti Armonici


Georg Philipp Telemann

  • Orchestral Suites (Ouvertures)
  • Concertos for various instruments


Francesco Geminiani

  • Concerti grossi Op. 2, 3, 7
  • Concerto grossi after sonatas by Arcangelo Corelli


Georg Friedrich Handel

  • Concerto grossi Op.3 & Op.6
  • Alexander’s Feast Concerto
  • Organ (Harpsichord) concertos
  • Trio Sonatas
  • Violin Concerto in B flat major
  • Various ouvertures from operas
  • Arias from various operas
  • Solo cantatas
  • Pietro Antonio Locatelli
  • Concerto grossi
  • ‘Introduttioni Teatrali’


Antonio Vivaldi

  • L’estro Armonico Op.3
  • Various violin, flute, bassoon, oboe, cello concertos
  • Concertos for 2 or 3 violins
  • Concerti ripieni
  • Solo cantatas


Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Harpsichord concertos
  • Violin concertos
  • Brandenburg concertos
  • Suite in B minor
  • Triple Concerto in A minor
  • Various cantatas
  • Musical Offering


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

  • Complete (52) keyboard concertos
  • Complete (12) Sonatinas for keyboard(s) and orchestra
  • Sinfonies
  • Trio sonatas
  • Various arias from oratorios


Johann Joachim Quantz

  • Flute concertos


Franz Benda

  • Violin concertos


Joseph Haydn

  • Harpsichord/Fortepiano concertos
  • Violin concertos
  • Double Concerto for violin and organ (harpsichord)


Michael Haydn

  • Various Symphonies
  • Double Concerto for viola and organ (harpsichord)
  • Violin concertos
  • Giuseppe Sammartini
  • Recorder Concerto in F major
  • Concerto grossi
  • Ouvertures
  • Harpsichord concertos


Giovanni Battista Sammartini

  • Concerto grossi
  • Ouvertures
  • Symphonies


Christoph Graupner

  • Orchestral suites (Ouvertures)
  • Various concertos (for 2 violins, for 2 flutes, etc.)


Miklos Spanyi

  • Suites (Ouvertures) for orchestra (in baroque style)
  • Aawaithaurgín for harpsichord and strings (contemporary)
  • Intermezzi for strings (contemporary)


Harpsichord concertos by

  • Christian Friedrich Schale
  • Christoph Nichelmann
  • Johann Gottfried Müthel
  • Johann Christian Bach
  • Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

Possible concert programs


Corelli’s journey to London

  • Concerto grossi by Corelli and Geminiani
  • Concerto grosso transciptions from Corelli’s sonatas by Geminiani
  • Concerto grossi by Handel


Corelli and his pupil ­ Original and adaptation

  • Concerto grossi by Corelli and Geminiani
  • Concerto grosso transciptions from Corelli’s sonatas by Geminiani


Vivaldi, Vivaldi...

  • Concerto for 1, 2 and 4 violins, basson, oboe concertos, etc.


Vivaldi for voice and instruments

  • Various concerto, solo cantatas, opera arias, Stabat mater


Vivaldi and his Venetian colleagues

  • Concerti (grossi) by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Marcello


Bachs around Europe

Music by

  • Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (Berlin, Hamburg),
  • Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (Bückeburg, London),
  • Johann Christian Bach (Milan, London)
  • Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (Halle, Berlin)


At the court of Frederick the Great Music composed for the Prussian court and King Frederick the Great between 1740­1770 by

  • Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach,
  • Johann Joachim Quantz,
  • Franz Benda,
  • the Graun brothers,
  • Johann Philipp Kirnberger,
  • Schale,
  • Nichelmann
  • Best of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  • Sinfonies, Trio sonatas, keyboard concertos, flute concertos, cello concertos


The Keyboard Virtuoso Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

  • Keyboard concertos and sonatinas for keyboard instrument and orchestra


Best of Telemann

  • Various very interesting, mostly unknown concerti and ouvertures by Telemann ­ a great composer, friend of Johann Sebstian Bach’s and Cal Philipp Emanuel Bach’s godfather


Godfather and Godson

  • Concerto, ouvertures and sinfonies by Telemann and C.P.E.Bach


Music from Café Zimmermann in Leipzig

  • Music from the presumes repertoire of the Leipzig Collegium Musicum under the direction of Johann Sebastian Bach: Ouvertures by Telemann, Graupner, ouvertures, harpsichord concertos and secular cantatas by J.S.Bach


Musical Offering

  • J. S. Bach’s enormous cycle Ein musikalisches Opfer performed by flute, harpsichord and a few strings


Best of Handel

  • Handel’s Concerti grossi, Trio sonatas, Organ concertos, opera ouvertures. Also possible to combine with opera arias and cantatas


Magic Purcell

  • Henry Purcell’s known and unknown theater music and wonderful trio sonatas


Haydn Twice

  • Symphonies and concerto by Joseph Haydn and Michael Haydn


Haydn & His Contemporaries

  • Music by Joseph haydn, Michael Haydn and their Austrian contemporaries (Vanhal, Gassmann, Wagenseil, Zach)


Ouvertures Old and New

  • Ouvertures (orchestral suites) by Telemann, Graupner, Purcell and (specielly composed for Concerto Armonico Budapest) Miklós Spányi


Baroque and Contemporary

  • Baroque program combined with contemporary compositions by Miklós Spányi


...and many other possibilities according to special wishes...